Saturday, March 24, 2012


Jake Chair - Koskela

Artwork exclusively for Koskela by Kate Banazi 

Jewellery By ELIXIR

Being a Visual Merchandiser for Country Road surrounded by fashion and having daily exposure to the world of retail it's only natural that I have a rather large shopping addiction finding that I am forever struggling to fit every last item into my wardrobe. In terms of fashion I use the same styling techniques as I would in a home. Investing your money into those timeless everlasting 'life time' pieces and updating each season with the odd 'on trend' items. One trend I haven't been able to ignore is the influx of Neon. I have always found it interesting to see whats coming down the cat walk complementing textiles, fabrics and furniture on the front covers of Vogue living or in Furniture show rooms. 

Koskela in Sydney have recently open a new show room which I am dying to check out, every single last piece is breath taking. In terms of NEON/ FLURO they have absolutely nailed it! Don't miss checking out Kate Banazi, screen-printer extraordinaire and absolute master of all things geometrically fluoro. Her exclusive range is one not to miss as well as being extremely affordable! 

Check out this interview by TDF with the amazing Russell Koskela HERE (inspiration overload!!)

Amy xx

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  1. I love the jewellery, fantastic statement pieces!
    Neon mixed with the earthy tones, great combination!